Wednesday, 20 February 2013

“Awesome day with The Dive Bus - you can't go wrong with this one!"

Thanks HEAPS to every single one of our divers who takes the time to post on Trip Advisor. It's YOUR opinion of your Dive Bus experience that matters!

Here's one of the latest reviews (click here for the rest):

Spent my only day in Curacao diving with The Dive Bus. Had spent the prior week diving in Bonaire, but wanted to get one more day of diving in before returning home and am very glad I decided to do so.

Overall, I'm very happy with my experience with The Dive Bus. I've dived with a many companies before and this one ranks very highly. I went out with Mark, who explained the dives before getting into the water, what we'd expect to see, etc. In the water, Mark did a great job pointing things out, and went at a relaxing pace, giving me time to take a good look at whatever I was looking at.

I rented a BCD and regulator and found both to be of very good quality - better and newer than what you normally get as rentals. I found both Mark and Suzy to both be very friendly and laid back, making for a very relaxing and enjoyable day of diving - exactly what it should be.

As for the house reef, I was very impressed with the diversity within a small area. The car pile was quite interesting to see, while the shallow areas had an amazing variety of sea life, and is ideal for those who like the macro stuff (shrimps, blennies, etc). The second dive was actually one of my favourite dives in recent memory, based on the huge variety of things I saw in one dive... not sure if this is the usual, or if I got lucky.

If you're looking for a company to dive with in Curacao, you can't go wrong with this one!