Saturday, 13 April 2013

“Great Experience”

Thanks HEAPS to every single one of our divers who takes the time to post on Trip Advisor. It's YOUR opinion of your Dive Bus experience that matters!

Here's one of the latest reviews (click here for the rest):

Whether you are diving or snorkeling, everyone has to go to the Dive Bus. Our only regret: that we were on a cruise and could not stay for more than that afternoon. The staff at the Dive Bus make this excursion well worth the trip. They are energetic, friendly, accommodating, fun, relaxed, knowledgeable, experienced, and prepared to do whatever possible (within the law) to ensure that everyone will have the best time.

Case in point:
I am the lone diver in a party of 4. Mark & Suzie from the Dive Bus pre-arranged for me to join a small dive excursion while making plans for a nearby snorkelling tour at the same location for the other 3 in our party. The day of our event, the other divers failed to attend, leaving me the lone diver. Generally speaking, my experience with other dive services would be to cancel my dive and I was prepared to snorkel with my friends. To my surprise they joyfully continued with my dive trip – assigning a dive master to me alone…. OUTSTANDING!!!

Rates are great, lots of equipment to rent or buy, and the staff is 2nd to none. Just be prepared to smile and laugh a lot.