Friday, 12 July 2013

“A Return to Crazy, Fun Diving”

Thanks HEAPS to every single one of our divers who takes the time to post on Trip Advisor. It's YOUR opinion of your Dive Bus experience that's important and keeps us working hard (well, hard-ish) to stay rated as  # 1 dive shop in Curacao :o)

Here's one of the latest reviews -  click here for the rest or to submit your own (please!). 

Last September, we visited the Dive Bus with the intention of going out for a "Discover Scuba Dive" experience. Just one dive, we figured, would be enough. We could then go from there to snorkeling. By the end, we were hooked. It was not only the great reef, but the awesome team at the Dive Bus.

Several months ago, we decided to go back to Curacao. We rarely "repeat" trips, but Curacao is a great island and places like The Dive Bus help to draw visitors back. This time the idea was to become Open Water certified.

We did the e-learning at home. First hint of advice for those doing e-learning is to make sure you watch the videos at the end of each section. They give information on what to expect in the "confined" portion of the on-site training. :) A second hint would be to take the e-learning as close as you can comfortably take it to your departure. There is a lot of information during e-learning!

That said, everything went much better than I could have imagined. Badger was our instructor again this year, which was great given that he was an awesome DSD instructor. We went through numerous exercises and I came out of it really respecting his patience with me on a few of the details working towards certification. Four open water dives and several confined dives later, we were certified. Awesome!

But just as great is the entire team at the Dive Bus. Meeting owners Suzy and Mark was great. Thankfully they decided to come back from Bonaire. :) They are both great individuals and they are way too much fun to hang out with after diving hours. In addition, it was great to meet other members of the team - Jurjen, Esther and Frank - as well as dive masters/instructors from other operations. Everyone there has way too much fun, for sure.

However, you're going to get a very serious education. You're going to get the one-on-one and/or small group setting instruction you need with the proper repetition until competent. They have great equipment, great instruction, and just an overall excellent business model. I can't wait to go back again. If I could afford to have a second house, it'd be as close to the Dive Bus in Curacao as possible.

Thank you again for the great experience!