Friday, 26 July 2013

“Best dive operation in the Carribean”

Thanks HEAPS to every single one of our divers who takes the time to post on Trip Advisor. It's YOUR opinion of your Dive Bus experience that's important and keeps us working hard (well, hard-ish) to stay rated as  # 1 dive shop in Curacao :o)

Here's one of the latest reviews -  click here for the rest or to submit your own (please!). 

My wife and I just got back from Curacao and did 6 guided dives over 3 days with the Dive Bus. We were with Frank and Badger (Marc), and both were exceptional guides, pointing out interesting items/fish/species, and helping my wife and I look up the names later so we could write them all down in our log books. The shop is definitely be best run scuba business we've seen. The equipment is top notch, the people and friendly and helpful, and again the guides are the best we've had. We would definitely go back to the Dive Bus again! Thanks again guys!