Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Look out: 2 Ninja Hawksbill Turtles released on Curacao's reefs!

Hawksbills get their name from their tapered heads
which end in a sharp point resembling a bird's beak.

Last week, the Curacao Sea Aquarium released two rehabilitated female Hawksbill turtles.

They are interested in tracking the movements of the turtles - they might migrate to another location (after all, our regular turtle, Champ, is from Bonaire originally - we can tell by his accent)  or stay close to the island.

So please, please keep an eye open for these two lucky critters on your dives, identifiable as follows:
  • Donatello: Tag left: WE4398; Tag right: WE4397
  • Migel Angel: Tag left: WE4396, Tag right: WE4395

The Seaquarium would love to get photos and info about sightings of these guys, but do approach the turtles with caution as they may have secret Ninja skills... (Don't say you weren't warned.)

Please post any sightings of these two lovely ladies on the Sea Aquarium facebook page.

For more info on hawksbills, check out the National Geographic website here. 

Nice job, Curacao Seaquarium :)