Wednesday, 31 July 2013

“The Dive Bus Rocks!! Simply the only place to shore dive and the best for any diving!”

Thanks HEAPS to every single one of our divers who takes the time to post on Trip Advisor. It's YOUR opinion of your Dive Bus experience that's important and keeps us working hard (well, hard-ish) to stay rated as  # 1 dive shop in Curacao :o)

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5 of 5 stars

We have been diving with the Dive Bus many times, for about 4 years now. Not being one for the social media (I absolutely HATE Face(less)Book) this is my first TripAdvisor review of them, although they have deserved many excellent reviews from me for quite a while now.

This time we took a group of people diving in Curacao for a week. As usual Mark & Suzy of the Dive Bus were great in helping us plan our vacation.

The planning and budgeting for a group of over 20 people in a foreign country is, at best, complex, difficult and time consuming. Not only did they provide excellent recommendations for accommodations, food and transport, they were key in helping us review and procure them all. It was almost like having a personal representative on island for their assistance.

When our arrival finally took place after months of preparation, we were greeted at the airport by Mark & Suzy with very timely and needed refreshments of the liquid kind. (Watch out, they grow their beers in Curacao very small.) Feeling at home immediately, they assisted while we waited in the standard long lines at the rental agencies (when will these countries get electronic check-in privileges for their rental car agencies??) After being dropped off and briefed as to what the week before us would look like, we sat around the pool, grabbed dinner and relaxed.

The next morning started a week of dives that were meticulously planned by Suzy with input from us and, I am sure, influenced by Polars. The diving was excellent all week long. This week was none of that early morning wake up to go diving stuff that is typical of a lot of boats and resorts. The Dive Bus catered to our desires and arranged things accordingly.

Typical dives were 60-80 minutes long (I actually did a 92 minute dive one time during the week) with lunch in between dives provided by The Dive Bus.

The first day started at the Dive Bus and a couple of dives at their house reef, Pierbaai Reef, so they could gauge how much trouble we would be to them all week. Pierbaai Reef is just a short 45-second walk across the street (in gear or they will transport your gear over there) with a wonderfully easy entry. The diversity of life and coral on this reef is tremendous and it is easy to take additional non-guided dives after doing it once. Although we were offered that chance, very few people took advantage of that since our days were so full. We also did a night dive there later in the week.

In addition to the normal Caribbean sea life and beautiful coral, during the week we saw frogfish, a plethora of sea-horses, a couple of mantis shrimp, a spotted eagle ray and much wonderful diving. They also arranged and participated in a boat dive to Watamula at the very tip of the west End of the island – a dive site which , in my humble opinion, the best coral field in the Caribbean today.

The divemasters, Badger, Yurian and Eelco were terrific all week as they catered to the varying levels of diver in our group – from newbies, literally doing there first dives as certified divers to divers who stopped counting in 1980; from strong swimmers to the slower divers who think fins are for decoration only; from sightseers to videographers and photographers.

We have some folk with bad knees, backs etc., and the divemasters were ready and willing to carry gear into the water and assist with putting it on. Everyone came away happy and fulfilled in what most said was our groups best trip yet.

A trip to Curacao is not complete without a trip to the Dive Bus, whether it is to dive with them or just to sip a Polar. On a scale of 1-10, the Dive Bus outdid themselves on this trip and deserve a 12.