Monday, 19 August 2013

“Dive Bus provides outstanding service!”

Thanks HEAPS to every single one of our divers who takes the time to post on Trip Advisor. It's YOUR opinion of your Dive Bus experience that's important and keeps us working hard (well, hard-ish) to stay rated as  # 1 dive shop in Curacao :o)

Here's one of the latest reviews -  click here for the rest or to submit your own (please!). 

I've had a house on Curacao for 5 years now, and spend about 3 months per year there. I'd seen the Dive Bus on many of the beaches but didn't try them until this last visit a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to dive Directors Bay but there's no shop there and I didn't have a buddy available. Based on the excellent reviews here and elsewhere, I gave them a call. They required me to do my first dive at their house reef to assess my skills. I liked their concern for safety. The next morning, we went to Directors Bay. I was the only diver with their staff person Frank, who was very personable and helpful. There was a strong current, so we left my car at the Tugboat, drove the Bus to the Bay, and drifted to my car. Then we drove back to DB and dove the other side of the Bay to the Coral Gardens.

Frank even brought lunch for our surface interval! And the other staff I met in the office seemed very nice as well.

Their prices were competitive and I'm sure to return next time I'm on the island!