Saturday, 24 August 2013

Important news for DAE passengers (Dutch Antilles Express)

Hi folks,
We just received the following notice which we've been asked to pass onto all our divers.
Hope it doesn't affect you, but if so, let us know and we'll keep you updated with any additional news.

Click here for the DAE website, but no news on there at the time of this post.

All best
The Dive Bus Crew

Curacao Hospitality & Tourism Association 
24 August 2013 
"Please be informed that DAE is not able to operate from the Curacao Airport. CAP (Curacao Airport Partners) has issued a statement informing DAE that this company may not use its facilities (CAP) (due to increasing outstanding debts) which means that all DAE flights have been cancelled. (as of today) 

As our partner, we urge you to inform your guests flying with DAE not only today but for the coming weeks, that the Miami, Orlando and all other routes have been canceled. 
Additionally we request you to inform your  future arrival guests as well, who have a reservation and/or a ticket/package booked with DAE to re-arrange their flight to avoid issues/surprises on the day of travel.

Please note that Insel Air is trying to accommodate the passengers of DAE by adding additional flights out of Curacao but this is only applicable for the regional flights such as Aruba, Bonaire, Santo Domingo etc. Unfortunately, due to our category 2 status we are not able to add any additional flights with our local carriers to the United States."