Saturday, 17 August 2013

Join us on The Dive Bus does Bonaire trips, 2014!

If you enjoy diving with The Dive Bus in Curacao, you're going to LOVE diving with us in Bonaire!


Although Curacao is absolutely the best shore-diving location in the whole wide world (well, so we reckon anyways!) Bonaire's a pretty good second best....

As you already know, you can dive the best of Curacao's shore dives with The Dive Bus whenever you like. BUT you can only dive Bonaire with The Dive Bus on the almost-world-famous The Dive Bus does Bonaire (DBDB) trips!

The DBDB trips include 6 days of guided dives with us, as many tanks as you can possibly breathe, a truck for you and your buddy and, of course, a great, fun bunch of new dive buddies to meet :o)

You'll find heaps of info about the DBDB 2014 trips on our website here. Yup, tripS: we're planning on* heading back to Buddy Dive for the first week and then moving over to Divi Flamingo for the second week.

This gives you guys a choice of dates and budgets - Divi is a little cheaper than Buddys. And with Bonaire just a 20 min flight from Curacao, you can also add a week's dive package with us in Curacao before or after Bonaire.

* means we need a minimum number of buddy teams to run the trips. There's no maximum number: the more, the merrier!