Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thanks HEAPS to everyone of you
who takes the time to post about your
Dive Bus experience on Trip Advisor.
You have kept us #1 rated dive shop
in Curacao for almost 2 years -
something we're REALLY proud
of and work hard to maintain and deliver.

Thanks again- 
PLEASE keep the reviews coming and 
hope to see you again soon!

 “Great Dive Operator with Perfect Location” 

The people at The Dive Bus are examples of why we keep telling non-divers "divers are the nicest people." 

The perfect location: after getting a great dive briefing (including a good map of the area), you put on your gear, cross the street, and walk into the water. A few fin kicks later, you are over a healthy reef with a full range of recreational depths. Beautiful.  

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