Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What's worse than a leaky mask on your dive...?


So how can you stop your mask leaking?

Here are some Top Tips from The Dive Bus Crew:

1. Loosen the strap.
Although it's the opposite of what you might think, pulling it tight can bend the skirt out of shape so it actually leaks more. A good-fitting mask should stay on your face without a strap!

2. Make sure your mask actually fits your face. 
There are soooo many different face shapes and sizes, then multiply that by heaps (technical term) and you'll have some idea of the massive selection available. And these days, manufacturers are making them in all kinds of cool colours to match everyone's neoprene outfits, fins, slap straps, you name it. 

Try on a mask WITHOUT putting the strap on. Inhale a little and look at your feet... If it stays on your face, it fits! If not, move onto the next one.

3. Get a pro's opinion.
We see divers dealing with ill-fitting masks every day, clearing their masks every 5 minutes and looking like they've been crying after a 60 minute 'bathe' in salt water. Let us help!

4. Don't worry about the price.
If you can't enjoy your dives because you spend more time clearing your mask than actually seeing cool stuff underwater, you've wasted whatever money you paid for your dives - and your mask.

A new mask that fits you well and (if taken care of) will last you for hundreds of dives and costs about the same - or less - than just two of those hundreds of dives.

5. Get a replacement strap!
So you're gearing up for your dive and put your mask on to check it when... CR*P! The strap snaps! Now what? Hope someone has a spare? Use a rental (if available)? Can the dive?

For the sake of less than $20, get a replacement strap when you buy your new mask. One day, it will be worth a lot more than whatever you pay for it!

Need help or advice?

Ask The Dive Bus Crew. We're not on commission, so we'll only sell you what's right for you, not what's right for our pay check.

(Although we'd never turn down a cold beer when you love your new mask ;o)  )