Sunday, 19 January 2014

Read this if you also work with a drunken idiot!

Just another day at work, another drunken idiot....
Thanks to Dive Bus instructor, Badger, 2 more Dive Bus local divers now know exactly what do the next time  they walk into a dive shop and find a man with weird eyes, lying on the floor, wearing a ladder, holding a broom, surrounded by beers, covered in blood, unconscious.

As any good boy scout will tell you, you should always be prepared, so thank Nepture that Badger just happened to be teaching the Emergency First Responder course at that very time! Once the students had finished giggling at the situation (which took a while) they assessed the scene and proceded to manage it.

The Emergency First Responder course only takes a day and can be tremendous fun, as well as extremely practical. And it's a requirement for the PADI Rescue Diver course which is what The Dive Bus local divers are doing next. Can't wait for the photos of THAT...

(More ridiculous photos here.)