Saturday, 21 June 2014

It's official: Happy Summer!

Stonehenge - absolutely nowhere near Curacao
and not a very good dive site.

Today is officially the first day of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) and according to some, this is when folks dust down their flip-flops and shorts, head to the beach and break out the BBQs.

In older times (when Mark's jokes were still funny) the June solstice was important for people who spent a considerable amount of time outdoors, so they could understand the seasons and weather which played important role in their lives.

It was also a jolly good excuse for festivals, and other celebrations. 

But, so, well, the thing about living in Curacao and working at The Dive Bus is that all of the above is pretty much what we do every day (well - BBQs every 2nd day and Beer O'Clock only when diving's done). Which means we're pretty expert at 'summer' and all happy things relating to it - all year round. Which is why we'll be drinking a cold one to that at the end of today. (And tomorrow. Repeat.)

So if you're in Curacao, swing by for a beer @ the end of the day today - or raise one for us wherever you are, and post your photo on our facebook page.

And if you're planning on being in Curacao in the not too distant future, make sure you check out this Blog and facebook for events and specials coming up at The Dive Bus - where it's summer every day :o)