Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cool stuff to check out this weekend....

Happy Weekend!

As we prepare to head out on the Dive Bus Clean Up at Directors Bay today, here's some fun stuff for your delight and entertainment this sunny Curacao Sunday morning:

Free-diving with dolphins:

Ahhh, what an AMAZING experience! Enjoy, we certainly did!

Scuba diving with the amazing George and his magnificent dolphins:

If we thought the free-diving was cool, check this out...

HEAPS more fun, cool videos on The Dive Bus YouTube channel here.

Latest Dive Bus divers photos:
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Hope these bring back fun memories for you this weekend! And if you're missing the place, check out the rest of the previous Blogs (see far right column) and if you didn't already, post your TripAdvisor review of your Dive Bus experience and help us get back to #1!

Laters, enjoy your weekend (we will)!