Thursday, 26 February 2015

Catching up!

Wow - what a crazy, bonkers year 2015 has been so far!

In fact, it's been going on since before Christmas: hoards of ridiculously fun people wanting to come diving, and tons of lovely returning divers. We haven't stopped, it's been great!

So enough of the excuses for the lack of Blogs for some time - here's a quick catch up with what's been going on and what's coming up:
  • There's also a ton of things already going on and coming up for The Dive Bus10th Birthday Bash, including free PADI dive courses, free diving, free beer and free cake! (Told you were were celebrating.) Click here for the summary and start planning your next trip ;)

  • The new Air Canada Montreal flight has been a HUGE success. So what with that and the highly popular Air Canada Toronto flight  and we've been entirely overrun with Canadians for the last 3 months. We don't call them Crazy Kanucks for no reason, as the photos prove (and there are still more coming in!
  • And last but not least, on a serious note for once, Curacao needs your help to stop illegal waste dumping - here for more info and to sign the petition please (1,000 signatures needed for it to be presented to the Curacao Government). Thanks to all our divers who've already signed this and took a minute to help make a difference!

That's all for now folks,
enjoy your day and
hope to see you again soon :)