Wednesday, 25 January 2017

8 reasons to share the love in Curacao, this Valentines Day


Here are 8 reasons why Curacao's the place you're looking for:

1. It won't be cold and raining
And if it does rain, it's like taking a warm shower and will be over in 10 minutes (ish). 

2. It's cheaper than you might think...
According to a recent Huffington Post survey, Curacao is one of the cheapest getaways in the Caribbean...

And if the ingredients for your perfect Valentines Day getaway include any / most / all of these:
  • plenty of full tanks
  • a quiet beach
  • a beautiful reef
  • a cold beer after diving (or champagne if you're feeling flashy or guilty)
  • rounded off with a lovely meal
  • with your favourite person / people by your side ?

Then here are 6 more reasons to celebrate Valentines Day in Curacao: 

Reason 3:
More restaurants than you can eat at in one vacation, offering all kinds of cuisine and price levels.

Reason 4:
A huge range of accommodations

Reason 5:  
Awesome beaches - many quite different to what you might expect on a Caribbean island

Reason 6: 

Heaps of bars and night life

Reason 7:  

Plenty of things to do and discover, including a rich and fascinating history, sailing, climbing, parasailing, wake-boarding, walking, cycling, exploring, surfing, shopping ...

Reason 8
... oh - and world-class diving!

According to this PADI blog article, while most of us make friends through diving, some of us are lucky enough to find a significant other who also loves scuba. Which makes a dive vacation a great way to celebrate Valentines Day for at least a week.
You might want to check out these guys for diving in Curacao
(we hear they're pretty good...)

Dive Packages at The Dive Bus start from just $302 per buddy team for 3 days of guided, independent and awesome diving. 

Book in advance - they fill up really quickly as they only take small groups and are really popular... ;)

So all in all, some pretty good reasons to celebrate Valentines Day in Curacao for a week or 2 this year - wouldn't you say?

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