Thursday, 7 February 2013

Coolest spot of the week (so far!): a Music Volute

DM Marky Mark here. This morning, headed out with Peter to do a deep dive on the Car Pile in almost perfect conditions: 100ft viz and zero current! My two seahorses are still chilling out in their usual spots, and we saw eel after eel on the way out and back, us both laughing through our regs at the eels 'hiding' away - with their tails poking out of the back of the coral clearly marking their temporary home. Idiots!

But the BEST 'spot' of the dive would be the Music Volute that we spotted in 9 feet depth next to the rock wall of which DM mark has only seen 4 in his diving career -  2 of which in the last month. Nice! Gotta love our 'back yard'.