Thursday, 21 February 2013

Superb Night Dive on The Dive Bus, Curacao's house reef :o)

Feeling hungry? It was crustacean heaven during last night's dive at The Dive Bus, with Frank taking Mike, Denise and Tonia out for their first night dives in the crystal clear Caribbean waters. Shrimp by their hundreds, a massive King Crab hanging out at 40 feet, Spotted and Spiny Lobsters all out hunting topped off by the 'almost guaranteed' Octopus sliding over the reef. What more could you ask for? Mark still hasn't found a better reef than The Dive Bus, Curacao house reef to do a night dive.

As usual we had to frisk the divers to make sure they hadn't accidentally slipped a crab or lobster or two into their pockets for the BBQ ;o)