Saturday, 30 March 2013

Donna's dream comes true: a dancing Seahorse!

It was great to dive Chuck and his family the other day, after not seeing them for a year. But they did pose something of a challenge...

The last time Mark dived Chuck and his son Forrest at Directors Bay, Curacao the guys were thrilled to spot seahorses! The boys raved about the dive and the seahorses so much, that mom Donna decided to get Open Water certified herself  (in the cold quarries of Alabama - crazy woman!) hoping to be able to see these mythical creatures for herself one day.

So when the whole family turned up for a dive during their cruise just the other day, there was just a wee bit of pressure on DM Marky-Mark to find a seahorse. And to make matters even worse, Arne, ace underwater videographer from Turtle and Ray was there to document Mark's success - or failure - on the dive...

OMG.... poor Mark... the pressure... too much, too much....? Would he let poor Donna down?


Not only a seahorse, but a DANCIN' seahorse - amongst plenty other underwater treasures and treats on a couple of very, very cool dives at our awesome house reef, Pierbaai. Check out the video to see for yourself...

Unfortunately for the family (but fortunately for Mark's nerves!), they were only here in Curacao for a afternoon, but are determined to return in the near future and spend the week diving here at The Dive Bus. One of the great things about our location, besides the awesome house reef on our doorstep, is that we're literally right opposite Sunscape, Curacao's biggest All Inclusive resort, perfect for The Dive Bus divers and families :o)

So, look forward to seeing you soon Chuck, Donna, Raymond and Forrest - and THANKS!