Friday, 8 March 2013

New Dive Bus policy: Frisking after diving!

Unfortunately, The Dive Bus had to institute a new diving policy. After diving all divers with a love for crustaceans will be frisked by our lovely staff!

In the last few day- and night dives we have found so many crabs, lobster and shrimp, we now need to make sure none of our divers have any contraband on them when leaving the water. Not only do we regularly find the smaller crabs, like the Hermits, Swimming Crabs, Nimble Spray Crab and Yellowline Arrow Crab, but recently we keep finding the larger ones, like the Blue Crabs, Channel Clinging Crabs and the Batwing Coral Crab (shown here on a beautiful picture by Kevin).

Fooooood, uhm wait, I mean, a nice Batwing Coral Crab!
 With all the Spotted and Caribbean Spiny Lobster we see during night dives, we had to make sure our divers are not sneaking dinner out with them. Pat downs by a member of staff of your choice are now mandatory ;)