Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The beginning of a Cool Spots contest?

Here's a nice picture of the Seahorse to enjoy.
Or just dive Pierbaai Reef and check it out in real life!

DM Marky Mark was saying the other day we should start a "spot-off", to see which one of us got the coolest spots. Well, did he pick the wrong day to make that challenge...

Today we did two dives, a 60 feet/18 meters dive on Pierbaai Reef and a 100 feet/30 meters dive on the Carpile right here in Marie Pampoen. The first dive started quite uneventful with the usual suspects hanging around on Pierbaai Reef, including some Great Barracudas and beautiful Spotted Drums. Bbut on our return in the bay, we spotted a beautiful Music Volute making its way across the bottom. (Yes Mark, I know you spotted one before but that was ages ago!)

~ DM Frank-the-Tank signing off :o)
The second dive just kept getting better the further along we got. On the way in we spotted a Balloonfish, some Cero's, and a Batwing Coral Crab (again!). There was a large Tarpon playing with a Bar Jack at Carpile. And on the way back, there were a few Spotted Scorpionfishes and Goldentail Morays hiding around the place. We finally found the now well-hidden Longsnout Seahorse, spotted a Chain Moray we almost mistook for a sea snake, and a Lettuce Sea Slug in the bay.

I'd say that was a good day of diving with a lot of cool spots! Who can do better?