Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Dive Curacao, Ernest Hemingway and Soggy Dollars

10 ways to join in and / or share The Dive Bus 10th Birthday Bash celebrations:  #9

What do:
  • Ernest Hemingway's hangout, The Compleat Angler (North Bimini, Bahamas, now sadly burned down)
  • the Soggy Dollar Bar (Jost van Dyke, BVIs)  
  • The Dive Bus (Curacao)

... have in common? (Besides being cool fun places to hang out with a cold beverage or several.)

We could be really mean and keep you guessing.

And guessing.

And waiting.

But that would be really annoying.

So the answer is:


Here's the story.

On a (wonderfully awesome and amazing) trip to the British Virgin Islands, we were kidnapped by people who shall remain nameless, forced to board a speed-boat stocked with champagne and beer, and fly across the clear blue Caribbean Ocean to a tiny sand island, home to the wonderful Soggy Dollar Bar.
On arrival, we were forced to jump overboard and swim to the island's long, white sand beach, on the promise that we would receive our just rewards for our troubles.

We were not lied to.

The reward was in the form of a magical elixir known as a Painkiller. Magical because, it turned out, after only 2 of them, your feet no longer touch the ground and all is, well, magical with the world. 

And tossing.Tiki Tossing. Ring Tossing. (Call it what you will.)

Although we didn't manage to figure out the contents of the wonderfully delicious Painkillers (this was probably a good thing) we did figure out that we definitely needed a Dive Bus Tiki Toss.

So now we have one.

The Compleat Angler (was) and the Soggy Dollar Bar tosser is cool. 

But The Dive Bus Tiki Toss is the coolest of them all.


1. Because it was especially made for us by a lovely and very talented local Dive Bus diver - and it's awesome!

2. Because you can win BEER when you beat The Dive Bus Tiki Toss challenge !

So, let the challenge commence: get tossing.
 (Warning: it's addictive!)

Hope to see you!

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