Thursday, 28 June 2018

13 reasons to turn the kids into something useful ...

Your dive buddies.

If your kids are 10 years or older, they're able to become a PADI Junior Open Water diver. 

Sure, it’ll cost money to get them certified BUT there are some great returns to be had on your investment. Like these:

  1. Ask anyone who's lucky enough to share scuba diving adventures with family why they do it, a common response is:
    “It brings us together.”
  2. You’ll have a dive buddy on hand whenever you need / want one.

  3. You’ll never have to carry, set up or rinse or your dive equipment ever again.
  4. You’ll never not know what to get them as birthday or Christmas gifts.
  5. You’ll never run out of fun things to talk about with them.
  6. They’ll learn about responsibility in a fun way – for themselves and their dive buddy. 
  7. Any additional lessons in responsibility that you can teach the kids will help reinforce their dive training. For example, responsibility for doing (your) household chores or cleaning (your) car.

    (OK that's it's a bit of a reach but it's worth a try.)
  8. It’s a great excuse reason for you to take a dive vacation (or 2) every year. And as divers, the kids will never be bored on vacation again. 

    Buy them one of the cool fish ID books and turn them into fish nerds even when they're not diving. (This may become important to you in later life - keep reading, this is going somewhere...)
  9.  If you’re not (all) divers yet, get certified together, as a family. Instead of being "Mum and Dad" you'll all be students: learning, overcoming challenges and discovering new, cool things. Together, at the same time.

    If you're at different levels of certification, take a PADI Specialty course together, later. It's a pretty cool thing to achieve together and have in common. 

  10. As divers, your kids will better understand the significance of our impact on our oceans and want to protect them for their own kids. Your grand kids.
  11. Encourage the kids to go on to become PADI Divemasters. This is when they become significantly more useful to you and you may be able to get away with not tipping them when they start working as a PADI Pro in an amazing dive destination (now you're starting to see where this is going, right..?)
  12. Support them entirely, utterly and completely when they decide to become PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors. This is not only when the kids start becoming even more useful to you, it's also a very important step for achieving your ultimate, final goal:
  13. Encourage them even more entirely, utterly and completely to buy their own dive shop as soon as they're old enough. Someplace relatively easily / affordably reachable from your closest airport; warm, beautiful, with awesome diving.
    Because then...
    FREE dive vacations for you for EVER!

OR if this isn't quite what you had in mind for your or your kids' future, it would be sufficiently awesome just to be doing something you love, with the people you love - right..? 

AND if you're heading to Curacao for your family vacation (check out this Blog post if you haven't booked flights yet), click the images to the right for more info on these entry level dive courses.

AND no matter where you're spending your next family vacation, your kids can start learning to dive, or start their next PADI dive course, today [PADI e-learning] and complete it on vacation - or at your local PADI dive center at home.

More info:

  • Minimum age for scuba diving is 10 years, depth restrictions apply and lower instructor to student ratios, for safety.
  • PADI e-learning is a great way for your kids to learn the theory for PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water certification courses.

    They can start whenever they want (access to eLearning is valid for 12 months)
    and you can work through it with them, in your own time at their own pace.
At The Dive Bus, all things being equal*, you're welcome to join in your kids' last PADI Open Water training dive, with the the option of a professional videographer to capture this amazing, significant life experience...

* Your child's safety is our priority so we reserve the right to refuse this if we believe it may negatively impact their safety for any reason, including:

  • distraction through excitement - this is typically the parents rather than the kids (!)
  • breaking PADI safety standards for teaching ratios

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