Wednesday, 31 October 2018

CLOSES TODAY! Last chance to Dive Right In and cast YOUR vote for Seriously Fun Diving at The Dive Bus, Curacao - closes October 31!

Excitement mounts in sunny Curacao

as close of voting for the
DIVE Travel Awards approaches...

461 individual dive centers and resorts from across the globe were nominated by DIVE Magazine readers for the 2018 DIVE Travel Awards.

The Top 26 dive centers and resorts made it to the final vote, with two dive centers tied for 25th place.

The Dive Bus are one of "the final 26 best dive centers in the world" according to DIVE Magazine, so to say that The Dive Bus Crew are "thrilled' is a bit of an understatement.
"Looking at the latest updates, I think we're currently in the top 12 or so right now," grins Mark, one of the founders /owners and PADI Ambassadiver. "We're expecting a LOT of movement in these last couple of weeks leading up to the closing of the poll, so who knows. But it's amazing to have got this far." 

What DIVE Magazine says about The Dive Bus:
"The Dive Bus is located directly opposite Pierbaai Beach in Marie Pampoen, Curaçao. Owner-operators Mark and Suzy Pinnell set up their first 'dive hut' right on the beach in 2005, and have never looked back.

They don't take themselves too seriously, but they take their diving very seriously indeed. Now located in a larger establishment across the road from the beach, the 100% Project Aware dive centre is at the forefront of Curaçao's scuba diving community.

Divers are picked up from their hotel in the morning with the Dive Buses (they have two now), which are loaded with gear and packed with snacks before driving through Curaçao's spectacular scenery. There are a number of hotels close to the Dive Bus dive center and the island capital of Willemstad is a short ride away.

The team recently introduced their new DRIVE and DIVE Packages, so divers who prefer their own company can dive independently, with the Dive Bus providing vehicle rental and daily tanks as required.

Not so much a case of 'must see' as it is 'will see', Pierbaai house reef and the Car Pile are the reasons why the Dive Bus is located where it is.

A gently-sloping sandy bottomed reef leads to a steep drop-off filled with coral and a fantastic array of marine life. A little way to the east is a small plateau with another drop-off at 30m, where somebody dropped a barge load of vintage automobiles but missed the open sea. Look out into the blue for huge tarpon and the occasional eagle ray.

Other great sites include Tugboat, Directors' Bay and one of the Caribbean's top wrecks, the Superior Producer."

Of course, there would be no Dive Bus without the amazing island of Curacao - one of the final 25 dive destinations in the same poll.
"We're particularly thrilled that Curacao is currently ahead of Bonaire in the dive destination poll," added Suzy, the other Dive Bus founder/owner.

"One of our personal dreams when we first set up The Dive Bus, was to get Curacao on the dive destination map, alongside our 2nd favourite island, Bonaire. Curacao is an incredible island, with so much to offer, and according to a recent article in the Caribbean Journal, Curacao is already the top Caribbean dive destination. We're hoping that DIVE Travel Awards voters think the same!"

If you're not familiar with Curacao, check out the short, sweet video above or this awesome article to see what you're missing - and get your flights booked!

Voting in the annual DIVE Travel Awards closes on 31 October
so it's not too late to cast YOUR vote if you didn't already!

Winners will be announced at this year's major dive industry show, DEMA, in early November. Mark, Suzy, other members of the Curacao Dive Task Force and the Curacao Tourist Board will be there, excitedly awaiting the results...

It's almost as exciting as getting your 1,000th 5 Star Trip Advisor review!😁

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