Sunday, 21 April 2013

A blast from the past: The Dive Bus, Curacao is Born!

So, here at The Dive Bus, we've been working with pro videographers, Turtle and Ray, for a while now - you'll find their awesome videos of TDB divers on The Dive Bus YouTube channel here.

We're also in the very early stages of planning to create a video that captures exactly what The Dive Bus is all about.

Whilst brainstorming and researching, we found this awesome blast from the past, from quite literally the very beginning of The Dive bus. It makes us laugh each time we see it - and you will too, if only at how young we look!!!

Huge thanks to Suzy's bro, Ian, for the idea, shooting, editing and, best of all, most perfectly appropriate soundtrack. And if you're ever lucky enough to be in Noosa, Australia, swing by Suzy's bro's very cool and very special floating bar / restaurant,  Noosa Crusing Bar / Restaurant and tell him we sent you! (But make sure he doesn't have a video camera in his hand....)