Sunday 12 June 2016

The Dive Bus, Curacao adopts Pierbaai Reef and Car Pile with Project AWARE's Adopt a Dive Site Program

 ... and becomes the first Project AWARE dive operator to Adopt a Dive Site in Curacao.

We found Pierbaai Reef not long after arriving in Curacao back in 2004. It happened to be just off the beach at our little local bar. 

It took us a few months before we got around to diving it, and we hardly saw a soul diving there in the meantime.That changed the following year, when we opened up The Dive Bus on the same beach. Yup, the reef was that awesome.

Since then, in 2005, thousands of Dive Bus divers and Crew have dived Pierbaai Reef and Car Pile, and taking have been taking care of and keeping it clean ever since.

Although we've since moved to a bigger location just across the road, it's still The Dive Bus house reef, and we're still taking care of it - and it's still stunning. Check out this short, sweeeet video and see for yourself:

So when Project AWARE recently launched their Adopt a Dive Site™ campaign, we were right on it.

More infoAnd we're thrilled to announce that The Dive Bus has officially adopted Pierbaai Reef and Car Pile at Marie Pampoen, Curacao - aka The Dive Bus house reef. 

And The Dive Bus is the first Project AWARE dive operator to Adopt a Dive Site in Curacao.

Doubly cool :)

What's the Project AWARE Adopt a Dive Site™ campaign all about?

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"Project AWARE’s Adopt A Dive Site™ aims to involve dive centers and resorts around the world in ongoing, protection and monitoring of their favorite underwater playgrounds.
Monitoring actions are based on Project AWARE’s flagship citizen science program: Dive Against Debris™  – the only underwater global survey of its kind involving scuba divers in the removal, recording and reporting of marine debris found under our ocean waves on the seafloor."

OK, great - but so what?

Dive Bus owner, Mark, has this to say about the new Adopt a Dive Site initiative from Project AWARE:
"It's really cool that through this new Project AWARE initiative, we're continuing to do what we've been doing all along, which is keeping 'our backyard' clean, to protect the marine life living here.
Except now, before "properly" disposing of the trash cleaned from The Dive Bus dive site, we'll be logging it and sharing the data with Project AWARE - like we do on our quarterly Clean Up dives at other Curacao dive sites that need help.
More importantly, we're inviting divers to do the same - and making it easy for them to do it, and recognizing them for doing it.
We've seen over the years that divers become much more engaged once they start taking care of the reef, with a mindset-shift towards protecting the reefs whilst diving them, instead of 'just' diving them.
It's really really cool that so many of our divers are more than happy to join in and make a difference. And actually quite a few of them now feel naked diving without a line cutter, gloves and a mesh bag tucked in their BCD pocket!"

Suzy, the other Dive Bus owner added:
"Our divers like that Project AWARE actually use the data that they capture, to build trash maps, identify key areas of concern and monitor change - hopefully positive, like we've seen on our reef over the years. They know that they're helping make a difference on two levels.

Project AWARE's programs, education and information help dive professionals like us put actions into place to, amongst other things, ensure less trash makes it into our oceans, and motivate more people to help keep them clean.

It's funny. Divers who clear trash from the reefs quickly realise how easy it is  to prevent - or at least reduce the amount of - trash getting into the ocean in the first place. It changes their perspectives about trash and how they deal with it in their daily lives, and that's an awesome bonus - and pretty much exactly what Project AWARE are hoping to achieve.

Like the Project AWARE "The Journey of Trash" - it's strong, serious message, delivered simply. And when you live or vacation on a Caribbean island with limited garbage controls, a one-man army providing recycling services and an enormous landfill station, it really makes you stop and think about the amount of trash you produce - and what happens to it."

Taking care of The Dive Bus House Reef (ADS88)

All of us at The Dive Bus are excited about this great opportunity to keep our favourite dive site clean and healthy - as well as several others around Curacao.  

Watch this space for news of our first clean up on the newest Project AWARE Adopted Dive Site, and how we're making it easy for divers to make a difference on every dive they make on it.

And if you're in Curacao in the meantime, swing by The Dive Bus, grab a mesh bag
and make a difference :)

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