Friday, 19 July 2019

PADI Womens Dive Day, Curacao: time to get wet, ladies!

If you think scuba diving is all about the guys?
This may change your mind.

As a diver, you already know that diving is an amazing, fun way to meet new people and share extraordinary experiences. Experiences that many of your friends and colleagues people only get to see on a screen.

What you may not know is that PADI Women's Dive Day is when PADI dive centers around the world focus exclusively on the ladies, for a day of fun, discovery, adventure and camaraderie.

It's a perfect opportunity to connect with others who share your love of the ocean and passion for diving. OR to be excited by the thrill of making a positive impact on our underwater world, for the very first time.

And The Dive Bus is a GREAT place to celebrate Women's Dive Day (and just about every day!), due in a large part to their Women of Ocean Conservation, according to Project AWARE.

CuraƧao’s first 100% AWARE and Green Star Dive Center, ocean protection and conservation has been the heart of The Dive Bus model since "hitting the road" in 2005.

According to Suzy Pinnell, one of the Project AWARE Dive Bus Women of Ocean Conservation:

“Keeping Curacao's reefs trash free and healthy has been a priority for us since the very beginning of The Dive Bus, as it's something Mark and I have always been passionate about. And because - as divers and dive shop owners - it's simply the right thing to do. 

So we try and make it as easy as possible for our divers to minimise their impact while they're here in sunny Curacao, starting with Eco-Friendly Packing Pointers before they leave home.

As dive shop owners, it's also important that our Crew believe in and support what we're trying to do, as they're the ones with the strongest opportuity to influence our divers to do the same.

They do a great job, we're very proud of them."

Besides making dive weights from fishing line lead collected on their monthly Adopt a Dive Site Clean Up dives, Eco-Friendly Packing Pointers are emailed to divers before leaving home, to help them reduce their impact on the island.

And even though it meant having to switch from bottles to cans of beer for Beer O'Clock, The Dive Bus Crew were early adopters of on-site Green Force recycling facilities several years back. (A tough sacrifice but a worthy one!)

Zoe Osbourn, another of the Project AWARE Women of Conservation, is a PADI Dive Instructor and Dive Shop Manager at The Dive Bus:
"I'm responsible for setting up and promoting our monthly Dives Against Debris® and it's brilliant how many divers join in and really appreciate what we're trying to do.

Not only our local divers, but our vacation divers, too. It's brilliant!"

Kelly Dananay
, also a
Project AWARE's Women of Conservation, was a Dive Bus PADI Instructor for 2 years:

“I was really happy to work at a dive shop that takes steps to do something for ocean protection, instead of just talking about it.

I loved having the opportunity to share our enthusiasm along with our divers - and seeing them become enthusiastic about making a difference, too.

We used smart but simple ways to minmise our impact in the first place, and ran monthly dive site clean ups to help fix what had already impacted, and prevent more harm.
These are good things, that I was incredibly proud to be a part of.
The ocean gives so much to us, it's great to give something back to protect it, respect it and keep it a little more healthy."
Wherever YOU'RE joining in the fun this PADI Women’s Dive Day (and EVERY dive day), make a difference and choose a dive center with ocean protection at its heart, too.

And if you're here in sunny Curacao for this year's Women's Dive Day, you're very welcome to join us at The Dive Bus for fun, discovery, adventure and camaraderie!
To avoid disappointment, please be advised that the above is an artist's impression of The
Dive Bus instructors and does not necessarily bear resemblance to actual Dive Bus instructors, past or current.


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