Tuesday 28 February 2017

The Dive Bus becomes Curacao’s first 100% Project AWARE dive center...

...and why it's a big deal to the ocean, Curacao and our divers.

http://www.thedivebus.com/about/our-credentials/We're really pleased to announce that The Dive Bus, Curacao has partnered with Project AWARE by becoming a 100% AWARE Partner, putting ocean protection at the heart of our business.

Here's what it means for the ocean, Curacao and divers:

1. Connecting more divers to the ocean

As a 100% AWARE dive center, we make a donation to Project AWARE for every PADI dive course certification issued at The Dive Bus. These donations enable Project AWARE to focus on conservation and awareness work on behalf of the underwater world that our dive business - and Curacao as a popular dive destination - relies on.

And newly certified Dive Bus divers receive a special Project AWARE version of their certification card, as well as info and updates on Project AWARE actions and ways they can join in and help make a difference to our underwater world. 

"We're really happy that our donation to Project AWARE, on behalf of every student diver completing a diving course at The Dive Bus, not only helps educate divers about ocean conservation, but supports Project AWARE’s mission to mobilize divers into a global force to protect our oceans, one dive at a time.
That's pretty cool!
Mark Pinnell, Owner
The Dive Bus, Curacao

2. Supporting ocean protection

The Dive Bus, Curacao shows dedication to ocean conservation through their participation in Project AWARE activities.

Their commitment to the 100% AWARE program makes them shine, as they not only lead by example but demonstrate to their students the importance of supporting ocean protection.
Thank you for leading the way.
Alex Earl, Executive Director
Project AWARE Foundation.

3. Connecting the 100% AWARE and Adopt a Dive Site Programs

We actually joined the 100% AWARE Partner Program back in 2016, around the time that we adopted our dive site through Project AWARE. The Adopt a Dive Site program went through the roof and has kept us all very busy! 
Our divers seem to be just as thrilled to be part of the 100% AWARE program through their PADI dive course at The Dive Bus.

For me, the best part of the 100% AWARE program is that increasingly more of our divers see what Project AWARE is working to achieve - and understand how it is it is for them to make a difference and protect Curacao's precious coral reefs so easily.
Suzy Pinnell, Owner
The Dive Bus, Curacao
4. Turning more divers into "Ocean Advocates" 

We are so excited to have you guys on-board and pleased that you are certifying new scuba divers to explore the underwater world. In turn, more people will act to protect the ocean, thanks to your commitment.

Lauren Wiskerson
Project AWARE

So next time you're choosing your a PADI dive center - at home or on vacation - here are 3 easy ways to support a 100% AWARE Partner and take care of the ocean:

Take part in a beach or dive site clean up

Dive with operators that care about the ocean
Take your next PADI dive course
with a 100% AWARE dive center


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