Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Your help needed to save Bonaire Marine Park

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More than 50 years of advanced environmental legislation has been overturned on Bonaire, shifting the focus of downtown development into the Marine Park with the construction of a 'party pier'.

A portion of the Bonaire National Marine Park has been re-zoned from 'Water-Marine Park' to 'Centre', threatening the main driver of Bonaire's marine tourism-driven economy by permitting commercial development within Bonaire's fragile coral reef system.

STINAPA Bonaire and Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, the island's two marine conservation organizations, have filed court appeals intended to reverse the changes.

It will likely be many months until we have our day in court, and before that day, we need you to join with us to show public support for the protection of Bonaire's coral reef and the island's marine tourism-based economy.
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We've created a new web site that pulls together the information you need to understand the issues. The site tells the story and gives you two important ways to help save Bonaire's coral reef from development:
2. Donate to the considerable costs of the appeals.

It's going to take all of us working together to protect the Bonaire National Marine Park for the future. Please join us at