Sunday, 14 July 2013

What do you get when you cross a pipefish with a seahorse...?

It was supposed to happen a while ago but here it is finally: my blogpost on the discovery of the season - not 1 but 2 PIPEHORSES on The Dive Bus house reef!!!!

I was teaching two crazy but lovely Open Water students, Petra and Monique, on only their 2nd scuba dive EVER. They must have thought I was nuts.

The ladies told me afterwards they thought I was showing them a couple of broken twigs. But when they noticed me filling up my mask with tears of emotion, being touched by the beauty of these twigs, they took a bit of a better look and discovered these amazing living organisms themselves.

Not one but TWO pipehorses! On the Dive Bus house reef! Only 5 minutes away from our entry point! Very special and very rare.

I've visited them on every dive since then, and the male has developed a bit of a belly. So either he's been drinking too much Polar or he's pregnant, and  hopefully soon we'll have a huge pipehorse family living in our office.

Want to join me on a maternity visit one of these days? Swing by The Dive Bus shop, drop us an email or give us a call! Hope to see you soon to introduce you to the proud parents and the other very cool residents on the best reef in Curacao.

Tot laters,