Thursday, 12 September 2013

So you think you can seahorse?

Every now and then we find a seahorse on The Dive Bus house reef, Pierbaai, and every time they take my breath away (and you know you should never stop breathing whilst underwater). It took me a frustratingly high number of dives (548) to find my first seahorse and a significantly lower number (25) to find the second one. After that, they just kept showing up everywhere.
My favorite seahorse is to be found at my second favorite dive site on Curacao, Tugboat. This baby measures about the size of my thumb, he is bright yellow and could be an underwater model because he always looks awesome in photos. He lives on a sandy patch just outside the bay, but does like to move around. And, as he is a master in camouflage, he can be pretty hard to find sometimes. His name, you ask? Sheldon of course ;)
Feel like joining us sometime on one of our seahorse hunts? You're welcome! Until then you can charge your seahorse knowledge by completing the following quiz.
So you think you can seahorse? Then answer these questions by 'commenting' on this Blog. Winner gets a free beer ;o)
1. Who carries the eggs?
A.      The male
B.      The female
C.      Neither
D.      Seahorses don’t lay eggs
2. How does a seahorse breathe?
A.      A seahorse has lungs
B.      A seahorse has gills
C.      Photosynthesis
D.      They have a special air bladder. When they grow old and run out of air, they die
3. The Latin name for Seahorse is:
A.      Hippolytus extravagantus
B.      Infectum emissaries
C.      Simia esurientem
D.      Hippocampus
4. How many dives did it take me (Badger) to find my first seahorse
A.      1
B.      25
C.      548
D.      I never found a seahorse in my life
5. What is a seahorse
A.      An amphybian
B.      A fish
C.      A crustacean
D.      None of the above

6. How many types of seahorse are there:

A.      Just one
B.      Between 30 and 40
C.      Hundreds
D.      Thousands

Wish you could seahorse? We can help - come diving with The Dive Bus! With me :o)

Tot later!