Friday 15 April 2016

Things to do and places to stay, on The Dive Bus, Curacao doorstep...

The stylish Mambo Beach Boulevard is one of the hottest beach areas in Curacao - and it's on The Dive Bus doorstep.

No more than a 10 minute island-pace stroll away from The Dive Bus, Boulevard has plenty of chilling out and facilities, as well as several bars, restaurants and shops, and kids facilities- right on the beach.

So it's perfect for your non-diving family whilst you're blowin' bubbles with us. And perfect for chilling out once you're done divin' for the day.

The range and choice of accommodations nearby The Dive Bus is also growing, with options to suit all budgets from, erm, budget to 'think of a number and triple it' luxury, and plenty in-between:

It's all going on by The Dive Bus!

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