Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The end of an era...

It started almost 10 years ago with the blue bus.

The blue bus's inaugral trip was December 2004, when family, friends and neighbours joined us on an hillarious day dive trip out to the back of beyond where we learned, amongst other things, that if we wanted to have the bus stereo playing all day, we really needed to bring a spare battery.... 'Nuff said.

The blue bus started rollin' officially in January 2005 and carried hundreds of Dive Bus divers, and thousands of tanks, on heaps of Dive Bus trips, around the best shore diving sites in Curacao.

It had character and personality and was known from Westpunt to Eastpoint and most of the bars  divesites in between. And it only broke down a couple of times in all its years.

The move from The Dive Bus Hut on the beach to the new location right across the road a few years later meant that, amongst other good things, we no  longer had to pack the dive shop away into the back of the blue bus every evening - woooHOOO! And with the red bus already up and running for trips and stuff, the blue bus was therefore retired from active service, becoming instead the wood shed, the cats' feeding station, and a popular photo-opp for our divers.

Mark with Wade - TDB's first EVER student

The Dive Bus's very first ever PADI dive course student almost 10 years ago, was a very fun and very cool guy called Wade (the handsome, dark-haired guy wearing a Dive Bus hat in the photo... ;o)

Back again, 10 years on!
Proving yet again that life /fate loves circles, Wade just happened to be back in Curacao with his buddies, who - along with a bunch of The Dive Bus crew members - witnessed the historical moment that the blue bus left The Dive Bus for the very last time, just a couple of days ago.

It was a sad and quiet moment, watching the end of an era depart on the back of a gigantic flat bed truck.
However, what was more sad was discovering just how much clearing up we now have to do in the space that the blue bus was hiding ... :o(  <sigh>

BUT watch this space to find out why the blue bus left and what's going on with all our newly re-discovered SPAAAAAAAAAACE....