Monday, 1 December 2014

If you've been missing us, you only have YOURSELVES to blame....

... and thanks!

We just had the most amazing, awesome November - super-busy and non-stop from start to finish, including an even more ridiculous Thanksgiving dive day than 'normal for The Dive Bus'.

Zoe (PADI Dive Instructor)
November also included the two new high season Dive Bus Crew joining us - Zoe and Nanne - who are awesome and, of course, a wee bit bonkers. They already earned a bunch of great reviews from you guys on TripAdvisor, have certified a bunch of fun divers, and basically dived their little booties off. Welcome to the team, guys!

There are a GAZILLION (or so) photos on facebook and a fun video summary of the month here - enjoy, tag, share, deny, whatever...

Nanne (PADI Dive Instructor)
These are all the excuses we've got for being a wee bit behind on The Dive Bus Blogs and mailing list updates, but we're on it, we're on it, watch this space.

Happy December all - stay warm and when you need a hit of sunshine, diving and ridiculousness to cheer up your long, cold winter days, you know where to click ;o)