Sunday, 15 February 2015

Take a minute, make a difference

(Dushi Curacao not Shushi Curacao)

An awesome group of people set up the Clean Up Curacao program, to encourage the people of Curacao to keep Curacao clean and trash-free: Dushi Curacao not Shushi Curacao (beautiful Curacao not dirty Curacao).

It's working, but poco, poco.

And there's Green Force.

Green Force is a very focused, highly dedicated company, pushing as hard as possible for environmental change and protection in Curacao at Government level, to keep Curacao beautiful, safe, clean and healthy for all who live and enjoy visiting here on vacation.

This is the company behind - amongst many projects - the recycling bins @ The Dive Bus and all around the island, whose activities and programs we applaud and support as much as possible.

Green Force needs your help to encourage the Curacao Government to make changes regarding illegal dumping of trash.

Here's an exerpt from the Green Force request for your help:
In many areas of the island, and in particular Koral Tabak, huge amounts of trash are being dumped, with no remorse, respect or consideration for the environment and neighbors of those areas.
Dumping trash and often burning it, creates an health problem for all of us with the release of dioxins in our soil and air.
The neighbors of nearby Santa Catharina have started a petition, to call the government to stop this malpractice and to create/activate the necessary environmental protection laws.
Please take a minute to make a difference to Curacao by signing this online petition.
We are aiming to achieve +/- 1000 signatures in order to hand them over to the Parliament of Curaçao.
Thanks in advance and please share.

Timo Brouwer
Green Force

Take a minute, make a difference.

Thank you.