Saturday, 13 June 2015

Where would YOU prefer to be: here or there?

This is not a trick question: where would you prefer to be, on the dates below:

a) There?


b) Here? Diving your socks off in the best shore diving destination in the Caribbean, with a bunch of fun people and a team of awesome PADI dive instructors, sipping a cold beer or 3 as the sun sets over the ocean, telling tall diving tales, with a bunch of extra fun stuff thrown in? 

The dates below:
  • 4 - 11 July 2015:
    With burgers and hot dogs lined up on the BBQ, and plenty of stars, stripes, cold beers and "hell yeah's". And a clean-up dive, so you can save the reef, too. You'll have to be quick to sign up to this trip!
  • 5 - 12 Sept 2015:
    Spending Labor Day watching us do all the work, whilst you sit back and dive your butts off.
  • 26 Sept - 3 Oct 2015:
    Waving toy swords around, saying ARRRR a lot and drinking rum (yup, we're officially designating this Dive Bus Pirate Week.)
  • 21 - 28 Nov 2015(Limited space remaining.)
    Eating turkey on the beach on the 26th, and a beautiful full moon night dive on the 25th.

  • 28 Nov - 5 Dec 2015: (Limited space remaining.)
    Playing pirates again, because we can and one Pirate Week just isn't enough.

If you answered b) - and seriously, who wouldn't - congratulations! you're officially invited to join in The Dive Bus 10th Birthday Bash Dive Weeks!

Especially for returning Dive Bus divers*, these special week-long programs are filled with favourite Curacao dive sites (with a couple of twists / somethings different here and there) and oodles of cool diving and plenty of chillin' out with wonderful, like-minded people*. 

*Didn't dive with The Dive Bus yet? Well it's about time you did! You're very welcome to join in the special weeks as long as you're:
  • part of a buddy team
  • fun and slightly bonkers
  • Advanced Open Water certified. If not, no worries, take your PADI Advanced Open Water course with us during this trip - it will be a hell of a lot of fun, and you'll be learning new skills and confidence at the same time! Contact us for pricing for this option.
The price of The Dive Bus 10th Birthday Bash weeks include:

  • 6 days of 2t guided dives
  • Guided night dive
  • Unlimited air tanks for indie diving
  • Transport to / from dive sites but we recommend you get a rental car to make the most of your unlimited tanks
  • Lunch most days...
  • Birthday cake (of course) 
  • Fun and ridiculousness 
  • Sales tax
  • Price per buddy team: $1,460
  • Equipment Rental Packages are available if you need anything. Like it? Buy it and your rental is FREEEEEEEE!
  • Accommodation: pick your favourite place to stay in the Willemstad area OR check out the flight / accommodation deals from your local travel agent 

Like the plan but the dates don't work for you? Get a group of 6 and we'll run this special dive program whenever works for YOU - subject to availability, of course.

(No, that's it. You should be emailing  us right now, or checking out what else is going on this year. Get on with it!)