Saturday, 5 September 2015

The most amazing Curacao night dive EVER. (Seriously.)

On the last day of spawning,
Neptune let us see:
2 batfish grinning
1 coral spawning
And a sea slug not in a pear tree :)

Oh, and an octopus that ratted on the super-cool sea slug's location.

And spiny lobsters, tons of brittle sea stars, a huge crab, loads of eels, heaps of banded coral shrimps - and before we even descended - a huge peacock flounder in Pierbaai Bay.


Check out what we're talking about / photo-proof, courtesy of our awesome local diver and wonderful underwater photographer, Starlette:
NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA - Batfish! 
(A rough-backed batfish, in case you were wondering,
No he's not having a bad night, that's just how the
poor dude always looks.)

Starlet coral (no, really, that's its name) releasing eggs and sperm -
The octopus that gave up the sea slug.

The sea slug whose name you'll NEVER guess - or will you?
Keep an eye on our facebook page in the coming days
to post your best guess(es).

For more about Curacao coral spawning, check out:
And watch this space and our facebook page for more info / photos! 

Wow, wow, wow :)

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