Friday, 6 May 2016

Why every diver secretly wants to be a Pirate...

It's OK, you're amongst friends here, ARRR...

Every diver secretly wants to be a Pirate
...but why?

We think we've figured it out. 

For most of the year, us people, us divers, we:
  • follow rules and social conventions and generally 'behave'
  • work our butts off to save up for our extremely well-deserved and much-needed dive vacation.

And when it's finally time for our dive vacation, we're oh-so-totally ready to let our hair down and enjoy every single minute.

The heck with the 'normal' rules and conventions - they're for back home: we're finally on vacation and are going to please ourselves for a change. We've earned it.

Which is pretty much how Pirates felt, too. 

Put aside the lawless and violent plundering, murdering, raping and pillaging elements of Pirate-hood, and there are a surprising number of similarities between the lifestyles and habits of Pirates and divers:

1. Pirates also had a code and respected other Pirates and the ocean.
 The Divers' Code

2. Pirates were also explorers and adventurers, discovering new worlds and countless treasures in the bellies of the oceans, loving the freedom and adventures that the ocean offered them.

3. Pirates also liked discovering and collecting treasure...
 Turning trash into divers' gold
4. Pirates also couldn't care less about salt-encrusted,  oddly-smelling hair - that's what hats and bandanas were for.

5. Extensive wardrobes weren't high on a Pirate's list of concerns either; a shirt or two could easily see them through a week or more...
6. Pirates also wore boots.
Click on the image to find out how you can turn your dive boots into Pirate boots - SUPER cool!
Turn your dive boots into PIRATE dive boots!
7. Pirates also loved to relax in Caribbean beach bars, drinking rum and cold beer, and eating fish. 
(Note: drinking rum before 10am makes you a Pirate, not an alcoholic.)
Who doesn't love rum? 

Pirates also carried sharp knives

(ok, technically they were swords which are way cooler - but not great for diving)

Get one!
9. If he'd been around, Pirates would have loved Jimmy Buffet too.


But the coolest thing of all about Pirates? 

In an era where every day could be their last, they lived life to the full and pleased themselves.

Defied laws, rules, conventions. Did what they wanted, when they wanted, how they wanted.

Caring only about their fellow crew, rum, food and the ocean, and not a jot what others thought of them, they lived each precious day to the max.

And honestly, what diver can't relate to - and even envy - 
being able to get away with that?

Because every divers secretly wants to be a pirate

So here's The Dive Bus list of Top Tips on how to be a Pirate:

  1. How and why to talk like a Pirate

  2. How to dress like a Pirate

  3. How to develop a Pirate-like attitude

  4. Learn from the best:
    The Dive Bus does Bonaire Pirate Crew 2015, here.
  6. Follow the adventures of The Dive Bus does Bonaire Pirate Crew 2016 later this month
    (once the bribes have been paid and the adventures suitably edited for public consumption.)
And here's The Dive Bus Top Tip on how to be a Diver:

Find out how to start learning to dive ... today!

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Because every diver secretly wants to be a Pirate.
(And now you know how.) 

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