Sunday, 19 March 2017

Because sometimes, diving shouldn't be slow...


As dive instructors, The Dive Bus Crew spend our days telling divers to go slow. Chill out. Relax. 

The slower you go, the more you see, the longer your tank lasts, the longer your dive, the better your dive.


Well, forget that.

Originally developed and widely-used for military and search and rescue use in the USA, the Pegasus Thrusters are tank-mounted DPVs, controlled by the push of a button. 

And really, really fast.

And really, really cool.

And a whole lot of fun.

Check this out:

These small but hugely powerful diver propulsion vehicles leave regular, recreational hand-held DPVs standing - quite literally.

Because the Thrusters are tank-mounted, your arms won't feel like they're dropping off, 10 minutes into your dive. So they're great for photographers - or divers who prefer to equalise without coming to a stand-still.

But don't just take our word for it, check out what the experts think about their Fly the Reef experience:
"A fantastic experience to fly like an eagle ray and swim like a dolphin, with a touch of 007. A must try!"
"...the best fun I've had in a wetsuit in ages !!! Mark took us down to the Car Pile after expert instruction on how to use the "Thrusters". It's incredible to be able to just push a button and keep up with the big Tarpon and Barracuda that often hang around this great wreck site.
We'll be back !!"
"The newest 'toys' on offer at The Dive Bus are Pegasus Thrusters, which strap on to the back of your tank (no heavy or awkward DPV to hold on to) and you whizz along at the press of a button!

Not only does this alleviate long swims, it's also a great safety feature in the case of unexpected currents, and allows you to catch up quickly with that turtle or ray off in the distance.
And you're also, immediately, the coolest-looking diver on the reef!"

I'm an experienced diver and have never been a fan of DPVs. Pierbaai/Car pile has always been one of my favorite dive sites but we have never been able to spend much time at Car Pile after swimming to it.

Using the Thrusters, we were able to get to there rather quickly, and therefore had a lot more time to explore the dive site. An awesome addition to The Dive Bus menu!! It is a definite must-try when you are in Curacao.

We took the opportunity to dive the house reef using the Thrusters. What a unique and enjoyable way to "fly the reef". I highly recommend it. Well worth the additional cash to create a fun holiday.

"A great experience of diving with speed. And you don't miss anything: enormous barracuda, lovely turtle and some tarpons, among other things. Way better than the usual DPV's. It's a simple propeller attached to your tank and you can fly along the reef.
An absolute must do!!"

"If these babies look fast, it's because they are! You fly through the water at up to almost 1 meter / 3 feet per second, whilst grinning like an idiot. That's Pierbaai Reef to Car Pile in about 5 minutes."

"I dove with the Pegasus DPV! With it, we could explore the wreckage at Car Pile even better, deeper, and longer. This DPV-dive is a real must do!!"
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The Dive Bus is the ONLY dive shop in Curacao with a fleet of Pegasus Thrusters.  
So when you feel the need for speed or to fly underwater, you know where to come.

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