Monday, 3 June 2013

Loggerhead, frogfish, seahorses and an eagle ray - just in 1 week!

Wow - we always see cool stuff whilst diving in Curacao but this week, it's just been ridiculous.

Apparently a memo went out to everyone's favourite underwater critters last week, requesting their presence on The Dive Bus trips.

First, Frank got a new and very special dive buddy on The Dive Bus house reef, Pierbaai, close to the Car Pile. He thought it was just a rather large green turtle - until Mark pointed out that greens don't get that large. Turned out to be Frank's very first loggerhead. NICE!

Then Badger spotted a spotted eagle ray at Tugboat, gliding gracefully below the divers on the wall. And not one, but two seahorses. Not a bad day!

And at Porto Mari just yesterday, Frank met yet another turtle - a baby Loggerhead aka a green (!) - and two frogfish.

The guys are now considering early retirement: it can't get a lot better than this... Can it?