Friday, 4 October 2013

Announcing the new must-have for your dive logbooks!

Yup, they even fit on SSI logbook pages. Kinda.

Your logbook is your personal journal of your diving adventures and memories. And who could you possibly want to remember more than your Dive Bus instructor on your awesome Curacao shore diving adventures?

We introduced Dive Bus Crew logbook stickers earlier this summer as a test, to see how our divers liked them. 

We ran out almost immediately.

The stickers were designed to fit the PADI dive logbooks but it turns out you can stick them wherever the heck you like, apparently.

And so your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to collect the full set of each season's Dive Bus Crew SIGNED stickers. 

Now obviously, some Crew stickers have a much higher value / status than others. Badger is just a dive junkie and never happier than when underwater, showing his latest very cool spots to very excited, happy divers. So he's a cheap date.

Frank isn't far behind Badger, to be honest. He's a fish nerd too but draws the line at 4 dives a day (pussy). So Frank stickers are slightly less prolific, but not by much. So also a cheap date.

Mark, however, has recently discovered a major downside of a growing dive shop: the necessary evil they call 'admin'. So these days, diving with Mark is a cool and rare thing, and you certainly get heaps of points for a Mark logbook sticker. 

Of course, the rarest sticker of all is the Suzy sticker. In fact it's so rare that we didn't even bother making any!

So come on down to sunny Curacao and start YOUR collection :o)