Thursday, 24 October 2013

Jeff Corwin gets to dive with Dive Bus Curacao superstar!

How cool is this....

American animal and nature conservationist and host and star of highly awesome tv shows including Animal Planets, The Jeff Corwin Experience and Corwin’s Quest, Jeff (to his buddies) was in Curacao recently, researching and filming for his tv show, Ocean Mysteries, on the amazing Sub at the Curacao Seaquaurium, with good buddy and published, ace underwater photographer and bloody nice bloke, Barry Brown.

And when Jeff decided he'd love to check out the gorgeous Seaquarium Reef, Barry knew just who to call: The Dive Bus's very own Mark!

When Mark got the phone call, he couldn't believe he was getting to dive Jeff and didn't even vaguely succeed in containing his excitement! To say he was thrilled at the opportunity to dive one of the guys most high up on his 'Whose-job-I'd-like to have if I didn't own The Dive Bus list', was a little bit of an understatement...

Not only was it an awesome dive with Jeff and his cameraman, Mark was really pleased to find that Jeff was just how he thought he'd be: a regular guy, with a passion for protecting and understanding the underwater world, and sharing it with as many people who'll listen. (OK a few more people listen to Jeff than to Mark, but it all counts!)

Huge thanks to Jeff Corwin for this opportunity and of course, to the amazing Mr Brown (follow his fascinating daily photo blog here).

So if there are any more celebs looking to go diving in Curacao, you know who to call ;o)