Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Is your SCUBA showing?

20 signs that you're a diver (and proud of it)

It's ok, you're not alone...

 Divers have a way of spotting other divers, 
no matter how far they are from water.

Because their SCUBA's showing.

Is yours?

And if so, how much? 

Find out by checking out these 20 signs:

  1. You take every opportunity to dress / act /drink like a Pirate. It's ok, you're not alone - find out why.

  2. You have a dive T-shirt for every week of the year. (And wear every one of them.)

  3. You have have dive flags on your shorts, flip-flops and car / truck.

  4. You play scuba videos on your tablet on every overseas flight you take. And most weekends. And evenings.

  5. You can have a complete conversation using only hand signals.

  6. Your truck always smells faintly of neoprene and pee - and you don't notice.

  7. The fact that you're a little hard of hearing has nothing at all to do with the water in your ears.

  8. It never occurs to you to check if you have a mask imprint on your face before you go out.

  9. When you meet a new person, you'd rather know about the places they’ve been than where they work.

  10. You don’t like unfilled blanks, especially in a logbook.

  11. You have a tank rack in the back of your truck - or would if you could / were allowed to / have a truck.

  12. Your pet's name is Deco, Nitrox, Scuba, Diver - or Buddy.

  13. You take longer than everyone else to examine a seafood menu.

  14. You know exactly where P. Sherman lives.

  15. You have several uses for vinegar, besides cooking.

  16. Not unlike Superman, you have an impressive talent for changing clothes quickly, in small spaces, and like wearing tight-fitting suits.

  17. You have a special dive flag wallet for your dive trips, dedicated to your PADI cert cards and your DAN card.

  18. Your watch is almost as large as your hand.

  19. When you see a vehicle with a dive flag bumper sticker, you use the hand with the giant watch to give the driver an OK sign.

  20. Your non-diving friends / partner / colleagues think you're a bit bonkers.
    *** End of test ***

    So, how many of the above did you answer a big, loud, "hell yeah!" to:
    • 0 - 5:
      It's ok, you still have a life outside of SCUBA. If that's disappointing news, click here to fix it.

    • 10- 15:
      It's unlikely you'll be happy with the parts of your life outside scuba. So stop with the denial, embrace it and set your sights on ...

    • ...15 +: 
      You're a dive nerd - or dive nerd in training - and you know it. There is no hope for escape, no turning back, no cure.

      So embrace it and use the above tips to seek new dive nerd friends. Or sell everything, become a PADI Dive Pro and buy a dive center in the islands. And use this video to explain to your loved ones:

    > Not a diver but want to become one? Here’s how.

    > Fallen off the wagon? It’s easier than ever to refresh your dive skills and climb back onboard - here's how.

    > Dive nerd and you know it? You can't help it (refer to video above) so embrace it, and take your diving to the next level - here's how.

    So, go ahead: let your SCUBA show.
    It's ok, you're not alone...

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