Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Curaçao Pride: time to dive AND party!

Dive into Curacao Pride 2019
for a tremendously fun party week in Paradise
that you won't forget!

Curacao Pride 2019 is the seventh edition of this amazing event and - if it's anything like previous Curacao Pride events - it's not to be missed. 

Catered to the LGBTQ community and their friends, everyone and anyone is welcome to dive into in the 5-day event, filled with tons of parties, celebrations, activities and FUN. 

Last year's Curaçao Pride was an overwhelming success. Thousands of visitors came specifically for the event, and a record number of people took part in the Curaçao Pride Walk and the Opening Concert - The Dive Bus Crew very happy to be among them.

One of the reasons for the success of Curacao Pride is the island's melting pot of nationalities, languages, religions, history, skin color, opinions, perceptions, currencies, you name it - that centuries have forged into the “Biba i laga Biba" mentality of the island's people:
“Live and let Live”
Friendly and tolerant, there's no history of gay violence towards LGBT locals or visitors - or even a "gayborhood". According to Gay Travel:
"Curaçao does not have a gayborhood as you would encounter in other major cities around the world. As part of the “Live and let Live” mentality there are plenty of places to go and activities to do that are LGBT welcoming.
You will find that quite a large number of the LGBT community are working in hospitality and they tend to make sure that you have a great time!
Not only that but Curaçao is a great vacation destination by all standards. Beaches, accommodations, activities, culturally speaking and much more."
It's for these reasons that the IGLTA and the Chairman of the Caribbean Travel Association (CTO) honored the Curaçao Tourism Board as a Destination Pioneer, putting Curacao on the map as a leading destination for LGBT travelers in the Caribbean. 

Because, in a nut shell:
  1. Curacao rocks.
  2. Curacao Pride is awesome.
  3. Everyone is welcome.
  4. Come on down.
  5. And the diving rocks. So if you want to fit in a dive or 2, just let us know 😎:
If you're a certified diver,
enjoy the best of
underwater Curacao, too...

Yet another great reason to vacation in Curacao.
You're going to love it - see you there!

 Hope to dive you in sunny Curacao during Curacao Pride - or whenever you like - soon! 
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