Thursday, 15 August 2019

Even MORE reasons to dive Curacao this year!

There's a TON of fun, exciting stuff going on and coming up at The Dive Bus and in Curacao - and YOU’RE invited.
(Because it just wouldn't be the same without you.)

If you were wondering how come you hadn't heard from us for a while, you're about to find out.

It’s not because we’ve been enjoying awesome dive adventures of our own or sitting around sipping cocktails in the sun on a lovely Curacao beach. (Which, according to the Curacao Tourist Board’s recent announcement, “more people that ever” have been.)

It's because we've been having the most amazing, exciting and busiest Winter and Spring seasons EVER. It's been awesome!

Mark and Suzy were out and about on The Dive Bus “International Chilled Out Tour”: a series of dive show debuts in shockingly cold places (one even had snow.) On the upside, they met up with hundreds of Dive Bussers and heaps of potential Dive-Bussers, bought a ton of clothing for the next time it snows in Curacao and announced some exciting new Dive Packages...

Meanwhile, back in lovely warm Curacao, The Dive Bus Crew were diving and training heaps of #seriouslyfun divers and Dive Bus Returners - all of whom (hopefully) did enjoy some awesome dive adventures and spending time sipping cocktails on a lovely Curacao beach.

In-between, we've been working on a stack of super-cool fun stuff for your next awesome Curacao dive vacation. Check out these quick tasters and keep an eye open for upcoming Blog posts for more info, to get you started on your planning.

Because this could be your best Curacao dive vacation yet ...
Dive into the
Curacao International Dive Festival

29 September - 5 October 2019

This is going to be GREAT!

 Check out The Dive Bus Dive Festival Events here - more being added / updated so keep watching this space....

And ...
... we're adding and updating The Dive Bus Dive Festival Events so keep watching this space 👌

Curacao AND The Dive Bus through to 
the final 25 in this year'sDive Magazine Dive Travel Awards!
If you're one of the folks that nominated The Dive Bus and / or Curacao for these awards - for the 2nd year in a row:

If your (other) favourite dive centers and destinations are finalists too, they'll be just as thrilled and excited and would really appreciate your vote - because it matters: 

*** NEW ***
Curacao "
off-gassing” adventures and experiences:
Because you can't dive every day - but you can have fun every day!

Now you can book a bunch of cool stuff for your non-diving days as well as your diving, with us at The Dive Bus. In spite of the title, the new off-gassing adventures are a lot fun - which we know because your dedicated Dive Bus Crew tried, tested and fun-factor-approved them all.

(Yup, it's been a dirty job and a terrible hardship but we're happy to put ourselves out for you guys 😄).

atch this space or drop us an email if you can't wait to find out...

New DRIVE, DIVE + STAY Packages:
The Dive Bus DIVE + DRIVE Packages just got even better.
MORE INFO COMING SOON: watch this space or drop us an email...

Curacao AWARE Week 2019
14 September - 22 September

Join Project AWARE and The Dive Bus crew for Curacao AWARE Week, for even more fun, easy ways to get involved with a subject very close to our hearts: 

Fun, simple, easy ways to protect our oceans and support the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG14).

Curacao Pride 2019
25 September - 29 September

Join in this tremendously fun party week in Paradise, for a vacation you won't forget!

Save the dates and watch this space or drop us an email......

The Dive Bus Seriously Fun
International Chilled-Out Tour

Find out what happened when Mark and Suzy decided to take The Dive Bus and Curacao to divers for a change. 

In some very cold places (there was snow in one of them), to meet some very cool Dive Bus divers...


...there’s plenty of ridiculous / cool / random fun stuff and more info, on The Dive Bus social media channels - enjoy!
Got questions?
Let's make your next Curacao dive vacation your best one EVER!
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