Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Fun, USEFUL ways to make a difference this PADI AWARE Week

Make a difference this PADI AWARE Week 
with these fun, simple ways to protect and sustain our reefs and oceans
get more from EVERY dive you make
AND save 15%! 

It’s not “new” news that coral reefs – and the massive, diverse and vital eco-system of which they’re the backbone – are rapidly declining. 

According to NOAAcoral reefs are some of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on Earth, supporting more species per unit area than any other marine environment. That’s about 4,000 species of fish, 800 species of hard corals and hundreds of other species – and who knows how many more millions are more yet to be discovered / identified. 

Scientists are discovering that animals and plants within the reef ecosystem are key to finding potential cures for cancer, arthritis, human bacterial infections, viruses and diseases. 

And clean, healthy coral reefs make for great diving, too. So while we don’t take life too seriously at The Dive Bus, diver safety, sustainability, and ocean protection are notable exceptions. 

Protecting our underwater office has been a cornerstone of The Dive Bus since hitting the road back in 2005. So don’t be surprised if you see your Dive Bus Divemaster or Instructor pocketing trash or unwrapping fishing line from corals during your #seriouslyfun guided dives and trips .

Divers regularly cite our Eco Policy as a key reason for diving with us, so they can make a difference too - on regular dives, as well our monthly PADI AWARE clean up dives. Beer o'Clock is a close second on the list of top reasons to return to The Dive Bus.  

So to celebrate, take action, and make a difference during this year’s 5th annual PADI AWARE Week, we’ve selected 3 PADI Specialties that will enable you help you protect and sustain our reefs and oceans, and make a positive difference – confidently, safely and correctly, without inadvertently doing more harm than good. 

On every dive you make. 

While having a ton of fun. 

AND while adding 6 dives and 3 PADI Specialty Certifications to your logbook, making your dives and your vacation truly memorable.


Here’s how: 

Over 3 fun days of diving around some of our favourite Curacao shore diving sites, you can:
  1. Better understand and appreciate just how amazing our underwater world is – and why it’s so important to protect it.

  2. Understand the “so whats” and “hows” to protect and sustain our reefs and oceans.

  3. Learn dive skills to increase your confidence, reduce your air consumption - and ensure you do more good than harm, and get the most out of every dive you make - on all your diving adventures, wherever in the world they may take you… 
  4. Add 6 more #seriouslyfun dive adventures to your logbook 
  5. Earn 3 PADI Specialty certifications, which also count towards to your PADI Advanced Open Water course and Master Scuba Diver rating.

  6. Explore even more of Curacao’s underwater world while you learn.  

Here’s what you’ll learn on your shore-diving adventures: 

Day 1: PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

This is the perfect, smart and fun way to kick off your Curacao diving adventures. 

During fun games and exercises, you’ll learn and practice simple skills to manage your movement and position underwater and your breathing, so that:
  • you dive more confidently, comfortably and easily (and are less likely to accidentally damage the reef – or yourself)
  • your tank lasts longer 
The more dives you make, the sooner your buoyancy skills become ‘automatic’, so just keep divin’!


Day 2 : PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty Course 

Jump onboard the Bus for a
2 tank Dive Bus Trip to another of Curacao’s best shore diving sites. On the drive, you’ll learn where marine debris comes from - and how to prevent it reaching the ocean in the first place. 

Once you’re on-site, you'll learn what trash to look for, how to remove it without doing more harm than good, and - one of the trickiest and most important skills - how to get the trash into your clean-up bag! 

After the dive, sort and report the debris on the PADI AWARE app to complete your PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty certification.


Day 3: PADI Underwater Naturalist Specialty Course 

Have you ever seen a fish or critter behaving ‘oddly’ on a dive and wondered what the heck you were looking at? 

You’ll get so much more from every dive once you know and understand what you’re looking at – and where to look for it. 

On another 2 tank Dive Bus Trip, you'll explore a new dive site while identifying marine vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants, and their interactions & behaviors.  

And, since you’ll probably cover less distance while you 'hang out with the locals’, you might find that your tank lasts longer. So if you have a regular dive buddy that you’d like to keep, it’s a smart idea to take this course together. 


Here’s why you might want to do this 

Besides the sense of achievement that comes from protecting and sustaining our reefs and oceans, these courses will help you get more from EVERY dive you make. 

They count as training dives for your PADI Advanced Open Water certification - as well as the coveted PADI Master Scuba Diver rating

But mostly? The knowledge, skills and experience you'll gain on these courses are fun as well as useful, and will for sure enhance your diving adventures.


From 17 September – 31 October 2022, you and your favourite buddy / buddies will enjoy a 15% DISCOUNT, so only US$ 569 per person for all of the above. And a 10% discount any new dive equipment from the Dive Bus shop! 

Get even more out of this great offer and with one more day of diving to become a PADI AWARE Advanced Open Water Diver as well! With just 2 more adventure dives – Deep Diver and Underwater Navigation – you’ll complete this awesome course and be certified to dive to 30m/100ft. 

And if that's still not enough dives for you and your buddy, take your pick from plenty more fun Specialty courses.

Or jump on board one of the Dive Busses for a fun Dive Bus trip or 3 to more of Curacao’s best shore-diving sites, to explore and enjoy with your new skills and knowledge.

Ready to book?! Click here to enter your Booking Enquiry and let's get planning! 

We look forward to seeing you in sunny Curacao, soon!

(Tell your dive buddies, friends, family and colleagues - we'd love to dive them, too!)
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