Thursday, 14 May 2020

25% DISCOUNT on PADI dive courses ends 31 May 2020: dive therapy for your soul, brain and/or sanity...

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*** 25% DISCOUNT OFFER ENDS 31 MAY 2020! ***

How to avoid going #coronacrazy?

Start your next dive adventures right now
with this unprecedented, limited time PADI special offer! 

While COVID-19 has you stuck at home with plenty of spare time on your hands, you'll have discovered quite some time ago that there are only so many times that you can:

  1. Binge-watch The Ranch, Breaking Bad, Ozark and Black Mirror on Netflix (all highly recommended, if you didn’t already).

  2. Clear out your - or someone else’s - garage / sock drawer / wardrobe / photos / whatever's.

  3. Start giving serious consideration to those chores that didn’t even make it to your ‘to do’ list

  4. Make and post an awesome video of your best dance / song routine and / or the hilarious prank you pulled on your roomie, family, partner (possibly now ex-) or unsuspecting passing stranger.

  5. Make and post a cool movie about your own, your pet’s or your partner’s previously undiscovered talents.
    Please tag @thedivebus if you DID 4. or 5. above!

So if you’ve been daydreaming about your next dive vacation? 

And absolutely want and need it to be your best one ever?

And have some great buddies to join you - if only they had got around to becoming certified divers before lockdown? 

Here's some GREAT news: 

PADI is offering a whopping, unprecedented
 25% off ALL PADI eLearning online courses
 with The Dive Bus Curacao.

Making this the perfect time for you to prepare for your best dive vacation ever, by learning a bunch of new skills and fun things to do underwater - and turning your favourite non-diving folks into your new dive buddies.

Without breaking social distancing rules or leaving your bathtub, couch, backyard or your other favourite spaces.

So: if you, your dive buddies, friends and / or family would love to save a ton of $ on learning fun tips, tricks and skills to:
    • learn to dive
    • dive better
    • dive more confidently
    • dive for longer
    • love every dive you make
    • get a head start on your next dive adventures 
    • turn the kids into something useful 😉
    • take the same course at the same time as your favourite dive buddies - including the kids - for a fun way to share your learning experiences - no matter how far apart you are..?
Now is absolutely the time to make that happen
with 25% off
these PADI eLearning (online) courses:

Once your eLearning's done and quarantine's lifted, you're all set to dive right into your training dives in the beautiful Caribbean ocean, with us in sunny Curacao... or wherever in the world your post-COVID-19 dive adventures take you.

With all this spare time on our hands, now's a perfect time and an unprecedented offer to get more out of every post-COIVD-19 dive you make - for EVER.

So take advantage: get going on as many PADI dive courses as you can handle!

Share this Blog post with your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you know. And if any of them aren't divers yet? Now's the time to fix that and gain a bunch more dive buddies and fun dive skills, to make your much-needed post-COVID-19 dive adventures your best ones EVER.

This unprecedented PADI offer is:

  • only valid through through 11:59 pm EST, 31st May 2020
  • automatically applied at checkout through this 25% off link.

    Remember to specify The Dive Bus Curacao (20854) as your PADI dive center when you sign up for your eLearning course!
Not sure when or where your next dive vacation will be? No worries. Sign up for your eLearning courses with us at The Dive Bus. And once you're done, you can make your training dives with any PADI approved dive center, anywhere in the world.

Gift a PADI eLearning course to your favourite dive buddy or your favourite non-diver. Because there's no such thing as 'too many' favourite dive buddies and this is a great opportunity to build a few 😉

 Take the same PADI eLearning course at the same time as your dive buddies, for a fun, safe way to share your (socially distant) learning experiences.

 Not sure which PADI course to take next? Ask us - we're here to help!

Specify The Dive Bus Curacao (#20854) as your dive center when you sign up for your eLearning course, so we can be right there with you when or if you need us.

To get going on dive therapy for your soul and

Enjoy your dive therapy and look forward to getting even more from your next dive vacation!

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