Saturday, 27 July 2019

How to turn the kids into something really useful ...

Your dive buddies.

If your kids are 10 years or older, they can become a PADI Junior Open Water diver.

And yup, it costs money to get the kids certified.  

BUT there are a bunch of great returns on your investment that you may not have considered.

Like these:

  1. Ask anyone who's lucky enough to share scuba diving adventures with their family why they love it? Their response is often:
    “Because it brings us together.”
  2. You’ll have a dive buddy on hand whenever you need / want one.
  3. You’ll never have to carry or rinse your dive equipment ever again.
  4. You’ll never not know what to get them as birthday or Christmas gifts.
  5. You’ll never run out of fun things to talk about with them.
  6. They’ll learn about responsibility in a fun way –responsibility for themselves, their dive buddy and our underwater world.
  7.  As divers, your kids will better understand the significance of our impact on our oceans, and want to protect them for their kids. Your grand kids.
  8. As the responsible parent that you are, you can support and reinforce their dive training by teaching the kids additional lessons in responsibility. Like responsibility for doing (your) household chores, cleaning (your) car, fixing (your) yard, etc etc.
    (OK this may be a bit of a reach but it's worth a try - right?)
  9. You’ll have a great excuse reason to take a dive vacation (or 2) every year. And as divers, the kids will never be bored on vacation ever again.
  10. To help with the 'bored' thing: gift them one of the cool fish ID books so they can become marine-life nerds when they're not diving.
    (This may become important to you later - keep reading, this is going somewhere...)
  11. If you’re not (all) divers yet, get certified together, as a family. Instead of being "Mum and Dad" you'll all be in a different role: learning, overcoming challenges and discovering new, cool things. Together.
  12. If you're at different levels of certification, take a PADI Specialty course together once the kids are certified: a pretty cool thing to achieve and experience, together.
  13. From the outset, encourage the kids to go on to become a PADI Divemaster, as this is when they can start becoming significantly more useful to you.
  14. Support them entirely, utterly and completely when they decide to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

    This is not only when the kids start becoming even more useful to you, it's also a very important step for achieving the ultimate goal ...
  15. ... Encourage them even more entirely, utterly and completely to have their own dive shop as soon as possible. In a warm, beautiful destination with awesome diving, conveniently and affordably reachable from your closest airport.

Because then:
➤ FREE dive vacations for you for EVER! Even if being a professional dive bum isn't quite what you have in mind for your kids' future, wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to share something you love, together...?

No matter where you'll be spending your next family vacation, the kids can start their PADI dive courses today if you like - via PADI e-learning - and complete their courses on your next family (dive) vacation. 

So you can dive together, somewhere amazing.

Like Curacao:
one of the world’s top dive destination for example: an awesome, year-round vacation destination.
With easy flight access, the 2019 Curacao International Dive Festival coming up and plenty of activities to keep you and / or the kids as busy - or as chilled - as you like.
So to get started on turning the kids into something useful?
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