Friday, 26 September 2014

The Dive Bus divers join in the 2nd annual Curacao Clean Up

Please like and share this video to get more folks motivated to help us continue to clear up this beautiful underwater area. (Yup, we know the video is not viewable on smart / mobile devices, thanks and sorry!)

From this trash...
A HUGE thanks to the small, but beautifully formed The Dive Bus Clean Up Crew who joined Dive Bus Mark and Supervisor, Andre, at the Directors Bay fishing line clean up last Saturday, as part of the 2nd Curacao Clean Up.

Although it was a small team, the amount of fishing line, lead and other trash collected that was choking the beautiful wall and its residents was HUGE. something useful: divers' weights!

Many of our regular clean up divers were participating in other activities arranged by the Curacao Clean Up team: congrats on an AWESOME achievement, guys!

The Dive Bus Crew and divers have made a MASSIVE difference at our beautiful house reef, Pierbaai / Marie Pampoen over the last 10 years. Now we're making a difference at Directors Bay and Curacao dive sites generally, but we need YOUR (continued) help to make every dive you make in Curacao COUNT against trash. 

If you're visiting Curacao anytime soon, Green Force, Curacao is an excellent and strongly committed organization that needs YOUR help to make a difference everyday. Please take a minute to check out their website - and tell your fellow divers and vacationers. There are Green Force recycle bins all over the island, including The Dive Bus, so bring us your trash!

Whether you live in Curacao or are visiting on vacation, a HUGE thanks in advance for helping to keep Curacao DUSHI and clean. Every little helps, no matter how small you think it is. 

Change has to start somewhere, and it's already begun, so JOIN IN!

For more info on how YOU can make a difference on every dive, check out - and better still, SUPPORT - the wonderful non-profit agency that is ProjectAWARE.

Diving on vacation? Make sure you choose a ProjectAWARE operator, and you're ALREADY making a difference!