Sunday, 7 September 2014

Your help needed for The Dive Bus 10th birthday celebrations...!

Don't ask us where the time has gone, but in January 2015, The Dive Bus will be 10 years old!

This seems like the perfect opportunity for even more ridiculousness than usual in 2015, and we though you'd be the best to ask for ideas.

So let the ideas commence and post your ideas in the comments below.
(And before you say it, no, we won't be offering free diving for everyone - we'd like to see another 10 years of The Dive Bus, and we have very expensive taste!)

Yes, we do realise that we may regret posting this, but we can always delete it and deny all knowledge.... so: Go for it!

(Winning ideas may receive something, just not sure what yet. Probably beer...that work?)

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